§ 445.05 Fees for Sight-Seeing Cars
   The following license fee shall be paid in advance for each vehicle license:
Vehicle Capacity
12 or less
13 to 20
over 20
   Any licensee upon payment of any of the above fees, shall be entitled to operate as sight-seeing cars during such year additional vehicles for which hack or motor bus licenses have been issued and are in effect or which are otherwise licensed for the transportation of persons for hire in the City of Cleveland, upon payment of an additional annual fee of five dollars ($5.00) for each such vehicle; provided the Director of Law is satisfied that the public liability insurance on such vehicle covers or is made to include the operation thereof for sight-seeing purposes.
   Upon a finding by the Commissioner of Assessments and Licenses that an extraordinary demand upon any special occasion requires the use of more sight-seeing vehicles by any person, firm or corporation to whom there has been issued one (1) or more sight-seeing licenses for the calendar year, he or she may issue special permits for not to exceed twenty- four (24) hours upon the payment of a fee of one dollar ($1.00) each for the use of vehicles which are duly licensed for the transportation of persons for hire and which carry public liability insurance satisfactory to the Director of Law. No transfer of a license shall be permitted except with the consent of the Commissioner, which consent shall be endorsed on the original license. The Commissioner shall permit a transfer only when it appears that one (1) of the cars owned and operated by the licensee is retired, destroyed, demolished or otherwise rendered unfit for service.
(Ord. No. 1684-76. Passed 6-29-76, eff. 7-6-76)