§ 3107.13 Expiration and Renewal
   (a)   Certificates and Limited Certificates of Registration. An applicant may apply for a Certificate or Limited Certificate of Registration for a one (1), two (2) or three (3) year period. The Director may issue and charge a pro-rated fee for a Certificate or Limited Certificate of Registration which is valid for an additional six (6) months past its expiration to effect staggered registration.
   (b)   Certificates of Qualification. Certificates of Qualification shall be valid for a one (1) year period.
   (c)   Renewal Period. Certificates shall be renewable during the thirty (30) day period immediately preceding the expiration date. Renewal applications shall be on forms prescribed by the Director.
   (d)   Revoked and Suspended Certificates. No Certificate shall be renewed if it has been revoked or is currently suspended.
   (e)   Transfer of Certificates. Certificates are not transferable. However, with the consent of the Director, the names of new members or officers of a firm, co- partnership, corporation or association holding a Certificate of Registration or a Limited Certificate of Registration may be substituted for, or added to, those previously on record.
(Ord. No. 377-03. Passed 5-19-03, eff. 5-27-03)
   Note: Former 3107.13 repealed by Ord. No. 377-03, passed 5-19-03, eff. 5-27-03.