§ 358.07 Permit Requirements
   (a)   Applicability. Except as exempted in this section, no fence shall be installed unless a permit for such fence has been issued by the Commissioner of Building and Housing.
   (b)   Contents of Application. An application for a Building Permit to erect a fence shall include the following information, in addition to other information required by the Division of Building and Housing for a permit application:
      (1)   A site plan showing the location of the fence and gates in relation to all property lines, streets, driveways, sidewalks and structure on or within six (6) feet of the subject property;
      (2)   Information indicating the height, materials, dimensions, colors, style and opacity of the fence, including the use of barbed wire, if any; and
      (3)   Information and plans indicating the method of attaching the fence to the ground or to other structures.
   (c)   Exemption for Repair or Replacement. No permit is required for repair or replacement of a fence or portions thereof if the area being repaired or replaced, in any twelve (12) month period, does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the length of the fence, and the replacement does not involve changes to foundations or footers. The exemption regarding partial replacement does not apply to walls.
(Ord. No. 1811-2000. Passed 2-12-01, eff. 2-20-01)