§ 358.02 Definitions
   For purposes of this chapter, these terms shall have the following meaning:
   (a)   “Fence.” An artificially constructed barrier of any material or materials erected to enclose, screen, or decorate areas of land. Fences include walls, conifer trees, hedges and earth berms meeting this definition.
   (b)   “Fence Height.” The height of a fence, as defined herein, measured from grade at the base of the fence.
   (c)   “Open and Solid Fences.” A fence shall be considered “open” if every segment of the fence (e.g., a section between posts) is composed of at least seventy-five percent (75%) open spaces and no more than twenty-five percent (25%) solid materials. All other fences are considered “solid” fences.
   (d)   “Ornamental Fence.” A fence shall be considered “ornamental” if it is composed of wrought iron-style pickets, wood pickets, wood split rails and posts, brick, stone, or any other materials of a decorative nature approved by the Director of the City Planning Commission as compatible with the character of the area in which the fence is to be placed.
   (e)   “Yards.” As used in this chapter, the term “actual yard” shall refer to the entire lot area between a main building and the corresponding lot line. The term “required yard” shall refer to that portion of the actual yard in which structures cannot be erected unless permitted as encroachments.
(Ord. No. 1389-02. Passed 11-25-02, eff. 12-3-02)