§ 343.01 Local Retail Business District
   (a)   “Local Retail District” means a business district in which such uses are permitted as are normally required for the daily local retail business needs of the residents of the locality only.
   (b)   Permitted Buildings and Uses. The following buildings and uses are permitted in a Local Retail Business District; and no buildings or premises shall hereafter be erected, altered, used, arranged or designed to be used, in whole or in part for other than one (1) or more of the following specified uses:
      (1)   Except as otherwise provided in this Zoning Code, all uses permitted in the Multi-Family District and as regulated in that district, except that “kindergartens, day nurseries and children’s boarding homes” shall be permitted without the requirement for a specified setback from an adjoining premises in a Residence District not used for a similar purpose;
      (2)   Retail business for local or neighborhood needs to the following limited extent:
         A.   The sale of baked goods, confectionery, dairy products, delicatessen, fruits, vegetables, groceries, meats;
         B.   The sale of dry goods and variety merchandise, excluding department stores;
         C.   The sale of men’s and boy’s furnishings, shoes, hats, women’s ready-to-wear, furs, millinery, apparel, accessories;
         D.   The sale of china, floor covering, hardware, household appliances, radios, paint, wallpaper, materials and objects for interior decorating;
         E.   The sale of books, magazines and newspapers, including adult book stores subject to Section 347.07, cigars, drugs, flowers, gifts, music, photographic goods, sporting goods, stationery;
         F.   Eating places, lunch rooms, restaurants, cafeterias and places for the sale and consumption of soft drinks, juices, ice cream and beverages, but excluding buildings which provide entertainment or dancing and buildings in which beer and intoxicating liquor are sold for consumption on the premises, provided such building for the sale of beer or intoxicating liquor is within five hundred (500) feet of the boundary of a parcel of real estate having situated thereon a school, church, library, nonprofit recreational or community center building or public playground;
         G.   Service establishments: barber or beauty shops, custom tailors, laundry agencies, self- service laundries, hand laundries, shoe repair, ice stations and dry cleaning, pressing or tailoring shops in which not more than five (5) persons are engaged in such work or business at any one time, and in which only nonexplosive and nonflammable solvents are used and no work is done on the premises for retail outlets elsewhere and pet shops, provided noise and odors are effectively confined to the premises. As used in this division (b)(2)G., “pet shops” does not include businesses which board dogs and cats overnight or any pet hospital.
      (3)   Business offices: banks, real estate, insurance and other similar offices, and the offices of the architectural, clerical, engineering, legal, dental, medical or other established recognized professional, but excluding morticians, undertakers and funeral directors, in which only such personnel are employed as are customarily required for the practice of such business or profession;
      (4)   Automotive services: public parking garages and parking lots;
      (5)   Charitable institutions not for correctional purposes;
      (6)   Signs: permitted in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 350;
      (7)   Other main uses: any other neighborhood store, shop or service similar to the uses listed in this division in type of goods or services sold, in business hours, in the number of persons or cars to be attracted to the premises and in effect upon the adjoining Residence Districts;
      (8)   Accessory uses, only to the extent necessary normally accessory to the limited types of neighborhood service use permitted under this division.
(Ord. No. 729-09. Passed 7-1-09, eff. 7-8-09)