General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
   91.002   Limitations on keeping certain animals
   91.003   Restriction on hunting
   91.004   Running at large; impoundment; fees
   91.005   Restraint required
   91.006   Confinement of animals in heat
   91.007   Owner to control animals; nuisances prohibited
   91.008   Exhibition of wild or vicious animals
   91.009   Interference with enforcement prohibited
   91.010   Prohibition on ownership of wild animals
   91.011   Fee schedule
   91.012   Sanitary disposal of animal feces required
Licenses, Permits and Vaccinations
   91.025   Other required licenses and permits
   91.026   License and permit renewal; revocation; appeals
   91.027   Vaccinations; fixation of tags
   91.028   Certain sales of animals prohibited
   91.029   Liability for personal injury or damages
   91.030   Sale of rabies vaccine
Humane Treatment of Animals
   91.040   Provision of necessities
   91.041   Abandonment of animals
   91.042   Injuring or killing of domestic animals
   91.043   Cropping of ears or tail
   91.044   Cruelty; exhibition fighting prohibited
   91.045   Poisons
   91.046   Killing dogs, cats for food or fur prohibited
   91.047   Mutilation of animals
   91.048   Removal of animal in immediate danger
   91.049   Confiscation of victimized animal
   91.050   Confinement to automobile
   91.051   Restraint by leash, chain or collar; specifications
Standards; Venue
   91.065   Kennels or catteries
   91.066   Pet shops
   91.067   Riding schools or stables
   91.068   Animal welfare groups
   91.069   Animal-drawn vehicles
   91.070   Theatrical exhibitions
   91.071   Elephant rides
   91.072   Boarding kennels and catteries
   91.073   Apiaries (bee hives)
Sale of Animal
   91.085   Exotic species; keeping of records
Community Cat Population
   91.095   Management of community cat population
Limitation on Dogs in Residential Areas
   91.105   Number of dogs on residentially used property
Impoundment and Quarantine
   91.115   Impoundment authorized; euthanasia of unclaimed animals
   91.116   Reclaiming impounded animal
   91.117   Quarantine of animals
   91.118   Issuance of citations; violation notices
   91.119   Civil penalties for violations authorized
Dangerous Dogs and Potentially Dangerous Dogs
   91.130   Reporting of animal bites and attacks required
   91.131   Dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs
   91.132   Alternative procedures for controlling dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs
   91.133   Requirements for ownership of a dangerous dog or a potentially dangerous dog
   91.145   References to statutes and other ordinances
   91.146   Chicken habitation (chicken coop)
   91.147   Chicken habitation permit
   91.148   Cost and terms of licensing
   91.149   Running at large of livestock and chickens prohibited
   91.150   Special yard requirements
   91.151   Enforcement officials
   91.152   Enforcement proceedings
   91.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   CAC Fee Schedule