General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Enforcement officer
Dangerous Animals
   90.10   Attack by dangerous animal
   90.11   Requirements for owner of dangerous animal
   90.12   Registration
   90.13   Exceptions
   90.14   Keeping of animals which have bitten persons
   90.15   Rabid or dangerous animal may be destroyed
Dogs and Cats
   90.16   Animals running at large prohibited
   90.17   Dogs and cats made subject to animal ordinances
   90.18   Registration of dogs and cats
   90.19   Population limits of dogs and cats
   90.20   Barking dogs
Animal Vaccinations
   90.21   Vaccinations required
   90.22   Vaccination certificate and tag
Rabies Control
   90.30   Reporting of suspected rabies
   90.31   Authority to quarantine
   90.32   Animals subject to quarantine for biting
   90.33   Disposition of animals exposed to rabies
Other Regulations
   90.41   Keeping swine prohibited
   90.42   Minimum lot size
   90.43   Maintenance of premises
   90.44   Location of buildings
   90.50   Running at large prohibited
   90.51   Enclosure requirements
Wild And Exotic Animals And Poisonous Reptiles
   90.60   Keeping wild or exotic species of animal or reptile
   90.61   Keeping wild livestock/ratites
Impoundment Of Animals
   90.70   Impoundment of animals generally
   90.71   Reclaiming impounded animal; fees
   90.72   Unclaimed animals
   90.80   City designated a bird sanctuary
   90.81   Trapping, hunting, molesting birds prohibited
   90.82   Abatement of nuisances created by congregation of birds
Animal Control
   90.83   Animal control officer may inspect dogs and cats
   90.84   Licensed dogs and cats to be disposed of
   90.85   Owner of licensed dog or cat may redeem
   90.86   Redemption of unlicensed dogs or cats
   90.87   Dogs or cats without valid tags to be disposed of within seventy-two (72) hours
   90.88   Humane care of animals