General Regulations
   51.01   Provisions applicable to all users
   51.02   Enforcement
   51.03   Application required
   51.04   False statements in application
   51.05   Users liable for bills
   51.06   No service to other premises when account is delinquent
   51.07   Right of entry
   51.08   Tampering with lines
   51.09   Taps to be made by city personnel
   51.10   Service to out-of-city consumers not required
Tap Fees; Meter Deposits; Utility Service Deposits
   51.20   Water and sewer tap fees required
   51.21   Meter deposits
   51.22   Utility service deposit required
   51.23   Bulk water sales deposit
Water And Sewer Rates; Billing Procedures
   51.30   Water and sewer rate schedule
   51.31   Charges to accrue
   51.32   Multiple units served by one meter
   51.33   Billing regulations
   51.34   Penalty for late payment
   51.35   Discontinuation of service; notice
   51.36   Discontinuation and reconnect charges
   51.37   Service charge for insufficient funds check
Water Curtailment
   51.50   Authorization
   51.51   Notice requirements
   51.52   Outside watering
Waterworks Regulations
   51.60   General regulations
   51.61   Out-of-city water services
   51.62   Waste of water
   51.63   Regulations affecting connections to system
   51.64   Turning on and off at meter
   51.65   Bypassing meter
   51.66   Breaking lock on city stopcock
   51.67   Damage to meter
   51.68   Secondary taps prohibited
   51.69   Dual connections prohibited
   51.70   Patron responsible for service line condition and water usage
   51.71   Fire hydrant use restricted
   51.72   Access to meter
   51.73   Inaccurate metering
   51.74   Temporary service interruptions
Meter Rereads
   51.80   Meter reread procedures and fees; testing of meter
Sanitary Sewer System Regulations
   51.90   Definitions
   51.91   Sewer service required; exceptions
   51.92   Service connections
   51.93   Septic tank requirements
   51.94   Stoppage or obstruction of sewer system
   51.95   Cesspools prohibited
Cross Connection Control and Prevention
   51.105   Cross-connection standards
   51.106   Definitions
   51.107   Right-of-way encroachment
   51.108   Multiple connections
   51.109   Protection required; installation
   51.110   Testing of assemblies
   51.111   Thermal expansion
   51.112   Pressure loss
   51.113   Residential service connections
   51.114   Rental properties
   51.115   Customer service inspection
   51.116   Installation guidelines and requirements for backflow prevention assemblies
   51.117   Air gap separation
   51.118   Fire suppression systems
   51.119   Fire hydrant protection
   51.120   Responsibilities of property owner
   51.121   Backflow prevention assembly tester certification; registration required
   51.122   Fees
   51.123   Compliance for lawn irrigation
   51.124   Mobile units
   51.125   Enforcement
Utility Service Outside City
   51.136   Penalty