18-29-1003.3.1 Grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices required.
   A grease interceptor or automatic grease removal device shall be required to receive the drainage from fixtures and equipment with grease-laden waste located in commercial food preparation areas, such as in restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospitals, school kitchens, bars, factory cafeterias and clubs. Fixtures and equipment shall include pot sinks, prerinse sinks, soup kettles or similar devices, wok stations, floor drains or sinks into which kettles are drained, automatic hood wash units and dishwashers without prerinse sinks. Grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices shall receive waste only from fixtures and equipment that allow fats, oils or grease to be discharged. Where lack of space or other constraints prevent the installation or replacement of a grease interceptor, one or more grease interceptors shall be permitted to be installed on or above the floor and upstream of an existing grease interceptor.
   The Department of Water Management is authorized to require installation of a grease interceptor or other remedial measures for other types of buildings where either:
   1.   Wastewater discharged to the public sewer contains fats, oils or greases of animal, vegetable or mineral petroleum origin at a concentration exceeding 15 mg/L.
   2.   The building sewer has a visually evident accumulation of fat, oil or grease of animal, vegetable or mineral petroleum origin which either alone or in combination with other wastes is reasonably likely to be capable of obstructing the flow or interfering with the operation or performance of any part of the sewer system.
(Amend Coun. J. 11-8-12, p. 38872, § 373; Amend Coun. J. 10-14-21, p. 37722, Art. X, § 3)