16-4-030  Purposes.
   This chapter is adopted for the following purpose:
   (a)   To promote and protect the health, safety, comfort, convenience and the general welfare of the people, and to conserve our natural resources;
   (b)   To identify and establish the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection District and divide that district into several zones wherein any and all development or construction, as specified in Sections 16-4-060, 16-4-070 and 16-4-150 hereinafter, shall be specifically restricted and regulated;
   (c)   To maintain and improve the purity and quality of the waters of Lake Michigan;
   (d)   To insure that construction in the lake or modification of the existing shoreline shall not be permitted if such construction or modification would cause environmental or ecological damage to the lake or would diminish water quality; and to insure that the life patterns of fish, migratory birds and other fauna are recognized and supported;
   (e)   To insure that the lakefront parks and the lake itself are devoted only to public purposes and to insure the integrity of and expand the quantity and quality of the lakefront parks;
   (f)   To promote and provide for continuous pedestrian movement along the shoreline;
   (g)   To promote and provide for pedestrian access to the lake and lakefront parks from and through areas adjacent thereto at regular intervals of one-fourth mile and additional places wherever possible, and to protect and enhance visits at these locations and wherever else possible;
   (h)   To promote and provide for improved public transportation access to the lakefront;
   (i)   To insure that no roadway or expressway standards, as hereinafter defined, shall be permitted in the lakefront parks;
   (j)   To insure that development of properties adjacent to the lake or the lakefront parks is so designed as to implement the above-stated purposes; provided, however, that with respect to property located within the private use zone as established by Sections 16-4-060 through 16-4-150 of this chapter, the permitted use, special use, lot area per dwelling unit, and floor area ratio provisions of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, Title 17 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, shall govern except where such provisions are in substantial conflict with the purposes of this chapter or the Fourteen Basic Policies of the Lakefront Plan of Chicago;
   (k)   To achieve the above-stated purposes, the appropriate public agency should acquire such properties or rights as may be necessary and desirable;
   (l)   To define and limit the powers and duties of the administrative body and officers as provided herein;
   (m)   Nothing continued in the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance shall be deemed to be a waiver or consent, license or permit to use any property or to locate, construct or maintain any building, structure or facility or to carry on any trade, industry, occupation or activity which may be otherwise required by law.
(Prior code §  194B-3)