15-28-800 Storage requirements.
   At wholesale establishments and wherever matches exceeding the quantity specified in Section 15-28-770 are stored, shipping containers containing matches shall be arranged in piles not exceeding ten feet in height with aisles at least four feet wide. Where other materials or commodities are stored on the same floor with matches, a corner or other portion of the room shall be devoted to match storage exclusively, and a clear space of not less than four feet maintained between match storage and such other materials and commodities. No matches shall be stored within ten feet of any open elevator shaft, elevator shaft opening, open stairway or other vertical opening.
   Where shipping containers containing matches are opened, the contents of such broken containers shall be removed and stored in metal or metal-lined bins, equipped with spring self-closing metal or metal-lined covers. Where matches are sold at retail, original sealed packages may be stored on shelves. When such packages are broken, individual boxes shall be stored in metal or metal-lined bins, as described above.
(Prior code §  92-69; Amend Coun. J. 6-14-95, p. 2841)