15-28-770 Packing.
   All matches shall be placed in boxes or suitable packages containing not more than 700 matches in any one box or package; provided, however, that when more than 300 matches are packed in any one box or package, the said matches shall be arranged in two nearly equal portions, the heads of the matches in the two portions shall be placed in opposite directions, and all boxes containing 350 or more matches shall have placed over the matches a center holding or protecting strip made of chip board not less than one and one-fourth inches wide, and said strip shall be flanged down to hold the matches in position when the box is nested into the shuck or withdrawn from it.
   All match boxes or packages shall be packed in strong shipping containers or cases; the maximum number of boxes or packages of strike-anywhere matches, respectively, contained in any one shipping container or case shall not exceed the following number:
Number of Boxes
Nominal Number of Matches Per Box
Number of Boxes
Nominal Number of Matches Per Box
1/2 gross
1 gross
2 gross
3 gross
5 gross
12 gross
20 gross
over 50 and under 100
25 gross
under 50
   No shipping container or case containing strike- anywhere matches constructed of fiberboard, corrugated fiberboard or wood, nailed or wire-bound, shall exceed a weight, including its contents, of 75 pounds; and no lock-cornered wood case containing strike-anywhere matches shall exceed a weight, including its contents, of 85 pounds; nor shall any other article or commodity be packed with any matches in any such container or case; and all such containers and cases in which are packed strike-anywhere matches, or strike-on-box matches, shall have plainly marked on the outside of the container or case the words "STRIKE-ANYWHERE MATCHES" or "STRIKE-ON-BOX MATCHES".
(Prior code §  92-66)