AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION or AHJ. The commissioner of buildings.
CONVEYANCE DEVICE. An elevator, escalator, dumbwaiter, moving walk, or material lift; platform lift, stairway chairlift or wheelchair lift; personnel hoist or employee elevator; material hoist; belted manlift; conveyor and related equipment; industrial scissor lift; adjustable loading platform; permanent window washer platform; automotive lift; movable stage or orchestra floor; mechanical amusement riding device; or similar system or device.
ELEVATOR MECHANIC CONTRACTOR. A person licensed in accordance with Chapter 4-298.
MECHANICAL AMUSEMENT RIDING DEVICE. Any mechanized device or combination of devices, including electrical equipment which is an integral part of the device or devices, which carries one or more passengers along, around, or over a fixed or restricted course for the primary purpose of giving its passengers amusement, pleasure, thrills, or excitement.
REGULATORY AUTHORITY. The commissioner of buildings.