14B-22-2211  Cold-formed steel light-frame construction.
The provisions of Section 2211 of IBC are adopted by reference with the following modifications:
1.   Revise Section 2211.1.1.2 to read:
2211.1.1.2 Seismic Design Category D.
In cold-formed steel light-frame construction assigned to Seismic Design Category D the seismic force-resisting system shall be designed and detailed in accordance with AISI S400.”
2.   Revise Section 2211.1.2 to read:
2211.1.2 Prescriptive framing.
Group R-5 occupancies, less than or equal to three stories above grade plane, shall be permitted to be constructed in accordance with AISI S230 subject to the limitations therein, provided that the building may contain up to three dwelling units.”
3.   Add a new Section 2211.3 to read:
2211.3 Vertical shaft enclosures in buildings greater than 55 feet in height.
In buildings of cold-formed steel light-frame construction greater than 55 feet (19.8 m) in building height, shaft enclosures required by Section 713 to have a fire-resistance rating greater than 1 hour shall be constructed of structural masonry or concrete.”