9-105-030  Violation notice.
   For each violation of Section 9-64-040 recorded by a street sweeper camera, the traffic compliance administrator shall mail a violation notice, within 30 days after receiving information about the registered owner of the vehicle from the Secretary of State, to the registered owner of record of the vehicle used in the commission of the violation. The violation notice shall include the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle; the vehicle make, if available and readily discernible, and registration number; the offense charged; the time, date and location of the alleged violation; the applicable fine and monetary penalty which shall be automatically assessed for late payment; information as to the availability of an administrative hearing in which the notice may be contested on its merits and the time and manner in which such hearing may be had; that the basis of the notice is a photographic record obtained by a street sweeper camera; and that the payment of the fine, and any applicable penalty for late payment shall operate as a final disposition of the violation.
(Added Coun. J. 7-30-08, p. 34899, § 1)