7-42-090  Violation – Penalty.
   Except as otherwise provided in this Code, any person who violates, or who resists the enforcement of, this chapter, Chapter 7-38 or Chapter 7-40, or the rules of the Department of Health, or rules promulgated by the Illinois Department of Public Health that are incorporated by reference into this Code, or any other provision of the Municipal Code relating to health and sanitation in any food establishment, or Sections 2, 4, or 7 of the most current version of the FDA’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, shall be fined $500.00 for each priority violation; and $250.00 for each priority foundation violation. A separate and distinct offense shall be deemed to have been committed for each and every day on which any person shall be guilty of such violation; provided that, the intervening days between when a license holder whose license has been suspended applies for restoration of the license and a reinspection has been conducted by the Department of Health shall not constitute separate offenses if the violation was found to be corrected upon reinspection.
(Added Coun. J. 6-10-96, p. 23652, Amend Coun. J. 3-10-99, p. 91043; Amend Coun. J. 12-13-17, p. 63286, § 5)