7-42-085  Enforcement.
   (a)   If any person violates, or resists the enforcement of, this chapter, Chapter 7-38 or Chapter 7-40, or the rules of the Department of Health, or rules promulgated by the Illinois Department of Public Health that are incorporated by reference into this Code, or any other provision of the Municipal Code relating to health and sanitation in any food establishment, or Sections 2, 4, or 7 of the most current version of the FDA’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, the Commissioner of Health or the Commissioner’s designee may issue a notice of violation to initiate an action with the Department of Administrative Hearings seeking to impose a fine. The Commissioner may also recommend to the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection the revocation of the owner’s licenses and permits.
   (b)   The pertinent jurisdiction referenced in the FDA’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance is the City of Chicago, and the pertinent “regulatory agency” referenced in that Ordinance is the Department of Health.
   (c)   Nothing in this chapter shall preclude bringing court action based on any violations of this Code.
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