7-38-134  Mobile food preparers – Operational requirements.
   (a)   Any food sold or served by a mobile food preparer shall be prepared or wrapped in the mobile food vehicle or in a licensed retail food establishment.
   (b)   All time/temperature control for safety food products shall be stored as provided in this chapter and rules of the Department of Health until served to a customer. No food that is sold or served from a mobile food preparer’s vehicle shall be stored or prepared in a residential home.
   (c)   During transportation and storage, food equipment, supplies and food contact surfaces shall be protected from contamination.
   (d)   Mobile food preparers shall list the food establishments from where they purchase articles of food on a daily basis. Mobile food preparers shall also keep in the vehicle copies of invoices from the foods’ point of origin for thirty (30) calendar days for all food items except that invoices for shellfish must be kept for ninety (90) calendar days.
   (e)   Mobile food preparers shall also comply with the rules of the Department of Health and the following food and equipment handling requirements:
      (1)   no food shall be stored, displayed, or served from any place other than the mobile food vehicle. The use of tables, benches, and other such devices to display or serve food is prohibited;
      (2)   food condiments shall be protected from contamination. Food condiments provided for customer self-service shall be prepackaged or contained in approved dispensing devices;
      (3)   food products remaining after each day’s operation shall be stored only in a licensed food establishment. Time/temperature control for safety foods held at or above the temperature prescribed in the rules of the Department of Health on a mobile food vehicle shall be discarded at the end of the day;
      (4)   customer self-service of unpackaged foods is prohibited; and
      (5)   all mobile food trucks must have a person in charge present who is a City of Chicago certified food service manager when food is being prepared or served as required in Section 7-38-012. All other employees who handle food or food equipment shall have food handler training as required by the State of Illinois.
   (f)   The Commissioner of Health shall have authority to provide by rules additional sanitation requirements and procedures for the operation of mobile food preparers.
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