7-38-012  Food service sanitation certificates.
   All food establishments shall employ and have present on the premises at all times that time/temperature control for safety food is being prepared, held for service, or served, a person in charge who holds a Department of Health food service sanitation certificate. Certification shall be achieved by successfully completing a Department approved food safety course and monitored examination offered by a Department approved provider and payment of a $45.00 certificate fee to the Department of Health. Each certificate shall expire five years from the date that the individual successfully completes the examination. Every such original and valid food service sanitation certificate shall be posted conspicuously in that part of the retail food establishment to which the public has access. A food service sanitation certificate may be suspended or revoked by the Department of Health when an establishment under the control of the certificate holder has a record of repeated violations of this Code or the rules of the Department of Health.
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