7-4-110  Manner of abatement of lead hazards.
   (a)   The removal of the lead-bearing substance from the dwelling, residential building, child care facility, or school shall be accomplished in a manner consistent with all rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter concerning acceptable and safe methods of lead hazard removal or abatement, and in a manner which will not endanger the health or well- being of its occupants, and will result in the safe removal from the premises, and the safe disposition of flakes, chips, debris, dust and other potentially harmful materials. No person may conduct lead abatement and/or lead hazard removal in a manner that increases exposure of any person to lead-bearing substances or a lead hazard in or around a dwelling, residential building, child care facility or school.
   (b)   The commissioner or his authorized representative is authorized to remove from a commercial establishment a sample of any products or goods which are suspected to contain a lead-bearing substance for the purpose of testing for compliance with department rules and regulations. The commissioner or his authorized representative is further authorized to order the removal or embargo of any goods or products from a commercial establishment after the goods or products have been tested or found not to be in compliance with this ordinance or state or federal law. Tests to determine if a product is a lead-bearing substance shall be conducted using standardized methodologies, as determined by the commissioner in regulation. Test results shall be made available to the owner of the commercial establishment.
   (c)   The department of public health shall maintain a report of any products which were taken for testing, or otherwise removed or disposed of under subsection 7-4-110(b). Such report shall be made available for public inspection. The contents of such report shall identify the products taken, removed, or disposed of, the approximate retail value of the products, the results of any lead testing performed and other information as determined by the commissioner by rule.
(Added Coun. J. 11-5-93, p. 40561; Amend Coun. J. 12-13-06, p. 94902, § 1)