* Editor’s note – Pursuant to Coun. J. 11-12-14, p. 97375, § 5, this chapter shall not apply to any single- room occupancy building that satisfies each of the following requirements:
   (1)   the single-room occupancy building was under contract to be sold or otherwise transferred as of October 8, 2014;
   (2)   the single-room occupancy building is the subject of a loan restructuring authorized by the Chicago City Council on or after May 15, 2014; and
   (3)   the single-room occupancy building is the subject of a transaction in which the buyer/transferee is required (by contract, recorded covenant, or other agreement) to maintain at the property for at least 20 years a number of residential units for individuals and families whose gross household income is not greater than 40 percent of the median gross household income for the Chicago region, as determined by the Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, with adjustments for smaller and larger families, which equals or exceeds 33 percent of the current number of units at the property.
5-15-010   Title and purpose.
5-15-020   Definitions.
5-15-030   Preservation fees.
5-15-040   SRO Improvement and Stabilization Program.
5-15-050   Sales and transfers of SROs.
5-15-060   Anti-displacement and relocation requirements.
5-15-070   Change in terms of rental, lease, or occupancy agreements.
5-15-080   Provision of room keys to residents.
5-15-090   Retaliation prohibited.
5-15-100   Enforcement.
5-15-110   Rules.