1-23-300 Fee waivers.
   Except as otherwise explicitly provided in this Code, if the applicant for any city license or permit is (1) a public museum and such public museum is eligible to receive funds for capital development under subdivision (7) of § 1-25 of the Department of Natural Resources Act, as amended, codified at 20 ILCS 801/1-1 et seq., or (2) a not-for-profit hospital that qualifies for a disproportionate share adjustment consistent with Section 148.120 of Subchapter d of Chapter I of Title 89 of the Illinois Administrative Code, as amended, codified at 89 Ill. Adm. Code § 148.120, such public museum or disproportionate share hospital shall be exempt from payment of 20% of any license fee, permit fee, application fee or inspection fee that would other otherwise apply in connection with the procurement of such license or permit. Provided, however, that the fee waiver authorized under this section shall not apply in connection with any monies owed by the City to any third party for any service provided to the City by such third party under the department of building's developer services program or under any other city program.
(Added Coun. J. 11-16-11, p. 13798, Art. VIII, § 1)