General Provisions
   111.01   Definitions
Licensing Provisions
   111.10   License required
   111.11   Application for license
   111.12   Disposition of license application
   111.13   Restriction on licenses
   111.14   Record of licenses
   111.15   Insurance requirements
   111.16   Initial license applications; fees
   111.17   Classification and fees
   111.17A   Temporary permit for outside sales
   111.17B   Outdoor cafe permit
   111.17C   Outdoor street permit
   111.18   Term of license; renewals
   111.19   Transfer of license
   111.20   Incomplete applications
   111.21   Disposition of fees
   111.22   Conditions of license
   111.23   BASSET training
Standards of Operation
   111.30   Location restrictions
   111.31   Sanitary conditions
   111.32   View from street
   111.33   Premises restrictions
   111.34   Personnel restrictions
   111.35   Prohibited acts and conditions
   111.36   Sales to minors, drunkards, and the like
   111.37   Prohibitions regarding persons under the age of 21
   111.38   Noise from licensed premises
Administration and Enforcement
   111.50   Liquor Commissioner
   111.51   Violation of retailers' occupation tax act; citizen complaints
   111.52   Revocation or suspension of local license; fines; notice; hearing; appeal
   111.53   Forfeiture of fees
   111.54   Use of premises after revocation
   111.55   Effective date; repealer; publication; transition
   111.99   Penalty