(A)   Peddling.  It shall be unlawful to peddle alcoholic liquor in the village.
   (B)   Gambling. No person, establishment, or business issued a license shall allow video gaming on the licensed premise unless the person, establishment or business holds a Class R-1G License, R-2G or Class TG License or is otherwise permitted to have video gaming at a licensed fraternal establishment, licensed veterans establishment, or licensed truck stop establishment as defined and allowed under the Illinois Video Gaming Act. Operation of a video gaming terminal by any other license holder shall be cause for revocation of the applicable liquor license in addition to any and all other penalties allowed by law and this chapter. Except as otherwise provided herein, it shall be unlawful to permit all other types of gambling on any premises licensed to sell alcoholic liquor.
   (C)   Solicitation.  It shall be unlawful for any licensee, manager, or other person in charge of any licensed premises where alcoholic liquor is sold or offered for sale for consumption thereon to engage, employ, or permit the engagement or employment of any persons, nor shall any person be permitted to remain on the premises who shall solicit any patron or customer thereof to purchase alcoholic or nonalcoholic liquor or sexual favors or services for herself, himself, or any other person; nor shall any person, whether employer, entertainer, or otherwise, solicit any patron or customer therein to purchase alcoholic or nonalcoholic liquor for herself, himself, or any other person therein. However, nothing herein contained shall prohibit any adult manager, waitress or waiter who shall be regularly employed therein from accepting and serving the order of a patron or customer in the regular course of employment as such manager, waitress or waiter.
(Ord. 94-23, passed 5-24-94; Am. Ord. 12-29, passed 7-10-12; Am. Ord. 16-20, passed 5-24-16; Am. Ord. 18-35, passed 6-12-18)  Penalty, see § 111.99