Licensing Provisions
   53.001   License required for engaging in the business of solid waste hauling and disposal
   53.002   Information required to obtain license
   53.003   Procedures for granting or denying license; appeals
   53.004   Conditions of licensure
   53.005   Duration of license; fee; contractual obligations
   53.006   Records
Regulations for Operation
   53.015   Rate structures
   53.016   Procedures in the event of unmarketability of recyclables
   53.017   Unlicensed waste collection prohibited
   53.018   Collection of over-sized solid waste
   53.019   Customer’s responsibilities
Administration and Enforcement
   53.030   Enforcement of provisions
   53.031   Revocation of license for noncompliance of provisions
   53.032   More stringent law to apply
   53.033   Effective date; publication
Village Green Program
   53.045   Definitions
   53.046   Green program
   53.047   Green program service charge
Residential Yard Waste Collection and Disposal System
   53.060   Establishment of system
   53.061   Definitions
   53.062   Yard waste collection
Solid Waste (Garbage) Responsibility
   53.075   Responsibility of owners and occupiers of land to remove solid waste (garbage)
Tree Waste Collection and Disposal System
   53.090   Definitions
   53.091   Limb and branch collection
Village Burn Pile
   53.105   Definitions
   53.106   Hours of operation
   53.107   Burn pile regulations
   53.108   Signage
   53.109   Burning
   53.110   Additional regulations pertaining to commercial operators
   53.999   Penalty