(A)   Collection of yard waste will be for each residential dwelling unit and shall be performed by the village or its contractor a total of four times, twice per year for a duration of five weeks (spring and fall) with two trips through the village per five-week period. Collection of the yard waste outside these designated collection periods must be performed by each residential dwelling unit's designated waste hauler with appropriate stickers affixed to bags or containers as required.
   (B)   Containers for yard waste may be either a reusable container clearly marked “Yard Waste” or a paper or other biodegradable bag with a capacity not to exceed 30 gallons.
   (C)   The Village's Contractor will pick up an unlimited-number containers at curbsides. For curbside pickup, all containers shall be placed near the street in front of the residential unit or in an alley adjacent to the property. It shall be the responsibility of each resident to see the container are placed curbside or as close as practicable to collection vehicle routes by 6:00 a.m. on the designated collection day. Curbside refers to that portion of the right-of-way adjacent to paved or traveled roadways (including alleys).
   (D)   Nothing herein shall limit residents of the village from disposing of yard waste at their own expense in accordance with their respective waste haulers' rates and procedures.
(Ord. 19-16, passed 6-25-19)