Building Permits
1307.01   Building permits required; application; plans and drawings.
1307.02   Issuance of permit; certification of compliance with Zoning Code.
1307.03   Bonds.
1307.04   Permit to erect part of building.
1307.05   Permits for superstructure.
1307.06   Permits for minor interior repairs and alterations.
1307.07   Water permit required.
1307.08   Revocation of permit for delay.
1307.09   Restoration upon permit revocation.
1307.10   Revocation for noncompliance.
1307.11   Deposit to cover repairs.
1307.12   Approval of water or sewer connections; underground water pipes.
1307.13   Driveway permits.
1307.14   Curb cutting permit.
1307.15   Heating installations.
1307.16   Swimming pools.
1307.17   Partition fence or wall.
1307.18   Minor building permits.
1307.19   Preliminary plot plan required.
1307.20   Final plot plan.
1307.21   Building Inspector's fees.
1307.22   Amendment of plan to include method of drainage.
1307.99   Penalty.
      Partition fences - see Ohio R. C. 971.02 et seq.
      Construction of sidewalks, curbs and driveways - see S. & P. S. 903.03
      Permit fees listed - see BLDG. Ch. 1309
      Plumbers, electrical and heating contractor's licensing - see BLDG. Ch. 1335
      Toilet connections to sanitary sewers - see BLDG. 1343.02