Fees for Permits and Inspections
1309.01   Collection of fees.
1309.02   New single-family dwellings.
1309.03   Additions to single-family dwellings, alterations and repairs.
1309.04   New garages and accessory buildings.
1309.05   Additions to garages.
1309.06   Demolition and moving.
1309.07   New apartments or multiple dwellings.
1309.08   Additions or alterations to apartments or multiple dwellings.
1309.09   Industrial or commercial buildings.
1309.10   Additions to industrial or commercial buildings, alterations and repairs.
1309.11   Architectural review fees.
1309.12   Sign fees.
1309.13   Swimming pools.
1309.14   Fence or wall near property line.
1309.15   Minor permit where no inspection.
1309.16   Special inspection fees.
1309.17   Fees for central air conditioning units in residential dwellings.
1309.18   Sidewalk and driveway apron permit fee.
1309.19   Certificate of occupancy fee.
1309.20   Subdivision application fee.
1309.21   Reimbursement for professional fees.
         Permits required - see BLDG. Ch. 1307
         Plumbing, electrical and heating fees - see BLDG. 1335.09