Flood Damage Prevention
1353.01   Statutory authorization; findings of fact; purpose and objectives.
1353.02   Definitions.
1353.03   General provisions.
1353.04   Administration.
1353.05   Variance procedure.
1353.06   Provisions for flood hazard reduction.
1353.07   Floodways.
1353.08   Establishment of buffer area.
1353.09   FEMA letters for map revisions and amendments.
1353.99   Violations and penalties.
   Reduction of assessed valuation for establishing reservoirs - see Ohio R.C. 1521.09
   Construction permits and prohibitions for dams, dikes and levees - see Ohio R.C. 1521.06
   Flood control bonds; public capital improvements - see Ohio Const., Art. VIII, §2(i); ORC 129.70 et seq.
   Basis of zoning districts - see Ohio R.C. 713.10