General Provisions
   113.01   Definitions
   113.02   Regulations not applicable to certain individuals
   113.03   Zoning restrictions
   113.04   Establishment in violation deemed public nuisance
   113.05   Businesses already in operation
   113.06   Right to make inspections
Permits and Licenses
   113.20   Massage establishment business license; application
   113.21   Massagist permit; application
   113.22   Approval or denial of application
   113.23   Issuance; term
   113.24   Application for renewal
   113.25   Revocation or suspension
   113.26   Hearing and appeal procedure
   113.27   Display of license required
   113.28   Transfer of license
Operation Regulations
   113.40   Construction and building regulations
   113.41   Establishment, employees to be clean and sanitary
   113.42   Price rates to be posted
   113.43   False or misleading advertising prohibited
   113.44   Persons under certain age prohibited
   113.45   Hours
   113.46   Massagists to have permits
   113.47   Name and place of business to be same as on license
Prohibited Acts
   113.60   Treatment of persons of opposite sex
   113.61   Fondling or exposure of sexual organs prohibited
   113.62   Outcall massages prohibited; exceptions
   113.63   Application of subchapter to owner, operator or manager
   113.99   Penalty