Chapter 17.24
Article I. Neighborhood Business (B-1) Zone
17.24.010   Purpose of provisions.
17.24.020   Principally permitted uses.
17.24.030   Conditionally permitted uses.
17.24.040   Permitted accessory uses.
17.24.050   Access requirements.
17.24.060   Setbacks and height requirements.
17.24.070   Lot width and area requirements.
17.24.080   Additional building and performance standards.
17.24.090   Property in floodplains to comply with certain requirements.
Article II. General Business (B-2) Zone
17.24.100   Purpose of provisions.
17.24.110   Principally permitted uses.
17.24.120   Conditionally permitted uses.
17.24.130   Permitted accessory uses.
17.24.140   Access requirements.
17.24.150   Setbacks and height requirements.
17.24.160   Lot width and area requirements.
17.24.170   Additional building and performance standards.
17.24.180   Property in floodplains to comply with certain requirements.
Article III. Central Business (B-3) Zone
17.24.190   Purpose of provisions.
17.24.200   Principally permitted uses.
17.24.210   Conditionally permitted uses.
17.24.220   Permitted accessory uses.
17.24.230   Access requirements.
17.24.240   Setback and height requirements.
17.24.250   Lot width and area requirements.
17.24.260   Parking requirements.
17.24.270   Additional building and performance standards.
17.24.280   Property in floodplains to comply with certain requirements.