All words used in this chapter shall, unless otherwise defined herein, be given the precise meaning or significance as that which is normally attributed to such word or the same meaning as defined in the latest dictionary or universally accepted technical publication germane to the field of water and wastewater engineering.
   (a)   “Regulations” means the regulations listed in Sections 921.05 and 921.06 These regulations are established by Ordinance 94-6.
   (b)   “Requirements”  means the requirements listed in Sections 921.07 through 921.10 and are established policy of the Village.
   (c)   “Significant Industrial User” as defined by the Federal EPA  means any industrial user subject to categorical standards or whose wastewater discharge has a significant impact on the Village’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.
   (d)   “Other Costs”  to be paid by the user or violator as described in Section 921.01(g), 921.05(g), 921.07(c), (f), 921.08(c), Appendix A, (c)-(5) and (6) and Appendix B, (c)-(10) and (11) shall be as follows:
      (1)   “Material Costs”:  The actual cost of the material or replacement from existing inventory.
      (2)   “Labor Cost”:  The actual man hours spent on repairs times the employees hourly rate times a multiplier of 1.5.
   The Water-Wastewater Supervisor or duly authorized person by the Village Administrator shall prepare an estimated or actual cost and submit the estimate or actual cost to the Village Administrator for approval.  The Village Administrator shall then submit the cost to the individual for payment.  (Ord. 94-6.  Passed 5-2-94.)