(a)   Tap in(s) on Existing Water Mains.   Thirty days prior to a new tap in being made, the requesting user shall complete the permit application and pay the tap in fee.
   (b)   Location of Tap In. 
      (1)   The desired location of the tap on the water main shall be coordinated with the Village Administrator.  No tap ins will be permitted onto existing service lines.
      (2)   If the property to be served does not border the existing water main, it is the responsibility of the person requesting the tap in to obtain such easement as necessary to run the service line.  This easement must be obtained prior to the tap being made and a copy filed with the Village Administrator.
   (c)   Village’s Responsibilities.   The tap in fee shall include the cost of the following:
      (1)   One (1) ¾” water meter with remote reader if applicable.
      (2)   Installing a curb stop at or near the easement.
      (3)   If a meter is to be installed inside the house, a meter setter and remote reader shall be supplied.  The location of the meter and remote reader shall be approved by the Water-Wastewater Superintendent.
      (4)   Tapping the main line with a ¾” corporation stop and install a ¾” line type K-copper service line to or near the easement.
   (d)   User’s Responsibility.  The user shall provide the following in order to complete the tap in:
      (1)   Installation of service line in accordance with the Village’s specifications from the meter pit or curb stop to the residence.
      (2)   Installation of a meter setter in the residence in a location approved by the Water-Wastewater Supervisor (where applicable).
      (3)   A ¾” compression fitting (for copper) or brass barbed fitting for plastic service lines to be installed on the curb stop or meter pit for the hook up to the user’s line.
   Costs for larger tap ins, valves, meter (for more than one) or asphalt replacement, sidewalk, etc., are to be paid by the user.
   (e)   Developer’s Responsibility for Multiple Meter Installation.  The developer shall provide the following where more than one meter (per tap in) is to be installed (i.e. apartment, etc.):
      (1)   For each unit to be served by a separate meter a separate shut off valve located outside of the residence.  The location/arrangement shall be determined by the Water-Wastewater Supervisor and developer.
      (2)   All additional materials such as meter, valves, etc., (more than one per tap in) shall be supplied by the Village and shall be paid by the developer.
   (f)   Additional Water Meter/Accounts.   This applies to situations where an existing residence is being converted into two or more units located within the same building and additional accounts are to be set up.
      (1)   All additional meter installations shall have separate service lines branching off the existing service line and have separate curb stops or meter pits.
      (2)   All labor and material cost(s) incurred by the Village Administrator shall be paid by the user.
      (3)   The customer shall be responsible for running a new service line into the residence from a new curb stop or meter pit.