Water use regulations listed within this section are designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the community.
   (a)   Pollution of Water Supply.  No person shall pollute or cause to be polluted the Village’s water supply or water in the Village’s distribution system.
   (b)   Fire Hydrants.  Persons not duly authorized shall not turn on or cause the flow of water from any valve, plug or other fixture of the Village’s water system.
   (c)   Backflow Prevention Devices.
      (1)   If in the judgment of the Water-Wastewater Supervisor, an approved backflow device(s) is necessary for the safety of the public, the Water- Wastewater Supervisor shall give notice to the user to install such approved device(s) immediately.
      (2)   The users shall, at their expense, install the approved device(s) in a location approved by the Water/Wastewater Supervisor and shall have inspection(s) and test(s) made of the approved device(s) as required by the Water- Wastewater Supervisor.
   (d)   Connection(s) to Public Water Supply Other than the Village of Cardington.  No user shall establish or permit to be established or maintain or permit to be maintained any connection whereby water from a private or any other water source may enter into the Village of Cardington’s supply or distribution system unless authorized by the Water-Wastewater Supervisor and/or the OEPA.
   (e)   Tampering/Altering Water Meters.  No person not duly authorized shall tamper with, modify or bypass a water meter or remote meter.
   (f)   Operation of Valves. No person not duly authorized shall turn on a water service line that has been shut off by the department.
   (g)   User’s Responsibility. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain their water service line from the easement which normally is at the curb stop or from immediately outside the meter pit (whichever is applicable).
      (1)   If a water leak is found within the area of the user’s responsibility, the Village shall shut off the water service and notify the user.
      (2)   If a water meter is installed outside of the easement (i.e. inside or near the building), it shall be the user’s responsibility to ensure that the water meter will not freeze or be damaged due to neglect.  All costs incurred in repair of the meter shall be paid by the user.
         (Ord. 94-6.  Passed 5-2-94.)