For the purpose of carrying out the intent of the City Building Code and Residential Code of Ohio, the Board of Building Appeals shall have the following powers and perform the following duties:
   (a)   Hear an appeal filed by any person, partnership, corporation or other unincorporated association adversely affected by a decision of the Chief Building Official or his designee in the enforcement of the City Building Code. The Board shall have the power and authority to require by resolution that the Chief Building Official or his designee modify, reverse or enforce his decision. Appeals of demolition orders issued by the Chief Building Official shall be subject to the provisions of Section 1305.05.
      (Ord. 219-2004. Passed 10-25-04.)
   (b)   Formulate and report to the Mayor, from time to time, recommendations for amendments to the City Building Code as the public health, safety and welfare may require.
   (c)   Determine by rule or regulation, on application to the Board, whether any new type of material, method of construction or equipment is equal to that required by the City Building Code, and to recommend same to Council the use of new material incorporated in such Code. All questions involving the use of material or methods of installation of material in the areas of plumbing, electrical and HVAC shall be determined by the City Construction Board under the provisions of Chapter 1309.
      (Ord. 126-93. Passed 6-29-93.)