(a)   An owner of real property may appeal a demolition order of the Chief Building Official to the Board of Building Appeals. Such appeal may challenge the legal and/or factual basis for the demolition order and/or may request an extension of time to perform necessary repairs as required by the report of the Chief Building Official.
(Ord. 219-2004. Passed 10-25-04.)
   (b)   The Board may grant one extension of time to the next regularly scheduled meeting, not to exceed 60 days, upon the request for extension of time to complete necessary repairs and a showing of good cause. In addition thereto, upon a showing of an extenuating circumstance or hardship, the Board may grant one further extension not to exceed 60 days to residential and industrial properties, and a second further extension to commercial properties not to exceed a combined total of 180 days.
   (c)   Such granting of an extension of time to perform work required by order of the Chief Building Official shall be conditioned upon the posting of a cash performance bond by the applicant. The purpose of the bond shall be to ensure that the work is performed in a timely manner and in compliance with the Building Code. The bond shall be posted within ten (10) calendar days of the granting of the extension. Failure to post bond shall result in the appeal being denied and the demolition order being in full effect. The amount of the bond shall be cash or in such other form approved by the Chief Building Official and shall be in the following amounts:
Bond Schedule
(Ord. 77-2008. Passed 6-2-08.)
   (d)   If the appealing party fails to perform, the bond shall be forfeited and applied as necessary to secure or raze the structure. If the repairs are completed to the satisfaction of the Chief Building Official or his designee, the bond or remaining balance thereof shall be returned to the appealing party. (Ord. 219-2004. Passed 10-25-04.)