Streets and Sidewalks Generally
903.01   Removing stone, earth or gravel.
903.02   Discharge of water from premises.
903.03   Obstruction with building materials; permit required.
903.04   Warning lanterns for obstructions.
903.05   Building materials not to interfere with free flow of water.
903.06   Covered passageway required for erection or alteration of walls on certain streets; minimum requirements.
903.07   Vision clearance of shrubbery.
903.08   Permit to erect poles.
903.09   Utility pole identification.
903.10   Assessments against corner lots in residential areas.
903.99   Penalty.
Assessments - see Ohio R.C. 701.05, Ch. 727
Power to establish and care for streets - see Ohio R.C. 715.19, 717.01, 723.01
Dedication and acceptance - see Ohio R.C. 723.03
Surface treatment- see Ohio R.C. 723.23, 723.31