The final plat shall conform substantially to the preliminary plat as approved; and, if desired by the subdivider, it may constitute only that a portion of the approved preliminary plat which he or she proposed to record and develop at the time, provided however, that the portion conforms to all requirements of these standards.
   (A)   Final plat data. The final plat shall give the following information:
      (1)   The plat shall be drawn to a scale of one inch equals 100 feet on sheets not larger than 22 by 34 inches. When more than one sheet is required an index sheet of the same size shall be filed showing the entire subdivision with the sheets lettered in alphabetical order as a key;
      (2)   Date, title, name and location of subdivision, graphic scale, and true north line;
      (3)   All dimensions, angles, bearings and similar data on the plat shall be tied to primary control points as approved by a registered, professional engineer to be selected by the Planning Commission. Locations and descriptions of the control points shall be given. Except where deemed clearly unreasonable or infeasible by the Planning Commission, these control points shall be the located section corners of the coordinate system of the commonwealth;
      (4)   Tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines of streets, easements and other rights-of-way, and property lines or residential lots and other sites with accurate dimensions to the nearest one-one- hundredth of a foot; bearings or deflection angles, radii, arcs and central angles of all curbs with dimensions to the nearest second;
      (5)   Name and right-of-way width of each street, easement or other right-of-way;
      (6)   Lot numbers, lot lines and frontage dimensions;
      (7)   Purposes for which sites other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved;
      (8)   Minimum building setback lines;
      (9)   Location and description of monuments;
      (10)   Names and locations of adjoining subdivisions and streets, the locations of adjoining unplatted properties, and the names and addresses of the owners of adjoining unplatted properties;
      (11)   Cross-sections, profiles and grades of streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalks showing locations of in-street utilities, and drawn to local (city or county) standards scales and elevations shall be attached to the final plat;
      (12)   Protective covenants shall either be placed directly on the final plat or attached thereto in form for recording; and
      (13)   The following certificates shall be presented with the final plat:
         (a)   Certification showing the applicant as the land owner and dedicated streets, rights-of-way and any sites for public use;
         (b)   Certification by surveyor or engineer to accuracy of survey and plat and placements of monuments;
         (c)   Certification by County Health Officer when individual sewage disposal or water systems are to be installed;
         (d)   Certification by the approving agent named by the Planning Commission that the subdivider has complied with one of the following:
            1.   Installation of all improvements in accordance with the requirements of the standards; or
            2.   Posting of a security bond in sufficient amount to assure the completion of all required improvements.
         (e)   Certification of approval to be signed by the secretary of the Planning Commission; and
         (f)   Acknowledgment with owner's signature.
   (B)   Procedure.
      (1)   At least ten days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered, the subdivider shall submit the original drawing and ten copies, together with any street profiles or other plans that may be required by the Planning Commission.
      (2)   One copy of the final plat shall be transmitted to the engineer to be selected by the Planning Commission who will check the plat as to computations, certification, monuments and the like, and that all the required improvements have been completed to the satisfaction of the city (or county) officials having jurisdiction, or, in the case a security bond or certified check has been posted in lieu of completing the improvements, that the amount posted is sufficient to cover the cost of the required improvements. If found satisfactory, he or she will return the copy of the final plat to the Planning Commission with his or her approval certified thereon within ten days of receipt thereof.
      (3)   One copy shall be transmitted to the County Health Officer. If the plat meets the approval of the Health Officer, he or she shall return the copy with his or her approval certified thereon within ten days of receipt thereof.
      (4)   The Planning Commission shall approve or disapprove this final plat within 30 days after its submission. Failure of the Planning Commission to act on the final plat within these 30 days shall be deemed approval of it. If the plat is disapproved, the grounds for disapproval shall be stated upon the records of the Planning Commission.
      (5)   Approval by the Planning Commission shall not constitute acceptance by the public of the dedication of any street, other public way or ground.
      (6)   When the final plat has been approved by the Planning Commission, one copy shall be returned to the subdivider, with the approval of the Planning Commission certified thereon, for filing with the County Clerk as an official plat of record. Another copy certified by the Planning Commission will be transmitted to the city (or county) legislative body for necessary action on any proposed dedication.
(2000 Code, App. A, Art. VI)