After meeting informally with the Planning Commission as recommended in § 154.03 above, the subdivider shall cause to be prepared a preliminary plat prior to the making of any street improvements or the installation of any utilities.
   (A)   Preliminary plat data. At least ten days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered, the subdivider shall submit to the Planning Commission 16 copies of a preliminary sketch plat of the proposed subdivision. A written application for conditional approval shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Planning Commission. The preliminary plat shall meet the minimum standards of design set forth in § 154.04 above and shall give the following information:
      (1)   A scale of one inch equals 100 feet;
      (2)   The proposed subdivision name and location, the name and address of the owner(s), and the name and seal of the designer of the plat who shall be a state licensed engineer or registered surveyor;
      (3)   Date, approximate north point and graphic scale;
      (4)   Acreage of land to be subdivided with lot lines and numbers;
      (5)   Contours at intervals of not greater than five feet or at a lesser interval if deemed necessary by the Planning Commission;
      (6)   The location of existing and platted property lines, streets, buildings and water courses;
      (7)   The present zoning classification, if any, on the land to be subdivided and on the adjoining land, and the names of adjoining property owners of subdivisions;
      (8)   Existing and proposed easements and their locations, widths and distances;
      (9)   The names, locations, widths and other dimensions of proposed streets and alleys;
      (10)   Plans of proposed utility layouts showing feasible connections to the existing or any proposed utility systems. Rear easements for utility poles and wires shall be required wherever possible;
      (11)   Sites, and their acreages, if any, to be reserved or dedicated for parks, playgrounds, schools or other public uses. Sites, if any, for semi-public, commercial or multi-family uses;
      (12)   Minimum building setback lines;
      (13)   Copies of proposed deed restrictions, if any, shall be attached to the preliminary plat;
      (14)   Location sketch map showing relationship of subdivision site to area; and
      (15)   A construction plan which shall include a complete drainage plan showing all improvements including all proposed streets, easements, storm sewers, swales, ditches and lot drainage. All the improvements shall be designed by an engineer registered in the state.
   (B)   Procedure.
      (1)   The Chairperson or Secretary of the Planning Commission shall notify the subdivider by certified mail of the time and place of the hearing not less than five days before the date fixed for the hearing. Similar notice shall be mailed to the owners of land immediately adjoining the area proposed to be platted as shown on the proposed subdivision.
      (2)   The preliminary plat shall receive the approval of the City/County Health Officer prior to consideration by the Planning Commission. A certificate of approval by the Health Officer shall appear on the preliminary plat.
      (3)   Within 30 days after submission of the preliminary plat, the Planning Commission will review it and indicate its approval, disapproval or approval subject to modifications on a basis for the preparation of the final plat. Failure of the Planning Commission to act on the preliminary plat within 30 days shall be deemed approval of the plat. If a plat is disapproved reasons for the disapproval will be stated in writing. If approved subject to modifications, the nature of the modifications will be indicated in writing.
      (4)   The approval of the preliminary plat by the Planning Commission will not constitute acceptance of the final plat.
      (5)   The action of the Planning Commission shall be noted on two copies of the preliminary plat with any notations made at the time of approval or disapproval of the specific changes required.
      (6)   One copy of the preliminary plat will be returned to the subdivider with any notations at the time of approval or disapproval, and the specific changes, if any, required.
      (7)   The approval of the preliminary plan expires unless a final plat based thereon is submitted within one year from the date of the approval unless an extension of time is applied for and granted by the Planning Commission.
   (C)   Subdivision of a portion of a larger tract. Whenever part of a tract is proposed to be subdivided and it is intended to subdivide additional parts of the tract in the future, a sketch plan for the entire tract shall be submitted to the Planning Commission at the same time the preliminary plat for the first part of the tract to be platted is submitted.
   (D)   Plat review charge. A charge shall be made for the examination and approval or disapproval of every plat reviewed by the Planning Commission. At the time preliminary plats are filed with the Planning Commission, the subdivider shall deposit with the Planning Commission in the amount of two $200 for each plat and $10 for each lot shown on the plat. Fee schedule follows:
City Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
City Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
Zoning change
Variance request
Special exception
Final plat approval
Final plat amendment
Preliminary plat
$200, plus $10 per lot, 2 to 20 lots, $5 per lot over 20
Lot line adjustment
$10 per line
Recording of plats
Responsibility of owner
(2000 Code, App. A, Art. IV)