For the purpose of this chapter, which shall be known as and which may be cited as "Subdivision Regulations of Campbellsville, Kentucky", the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ACCESS. Provision for, or means of vehicular entrance to or exit from, a street:
      (1)   Limited access is access only at specified intervals provided for in the design of a street, usually an interchange; and/or
      (2)   Controlled ACCESS is access at points to be designated by the Planning Commission as to type, number and location along a street.
   DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Written and graphic material for the provision of a development, including any or all of the following: location and bulk of buildings and other structures, intensity of use, density of development, streets, ways, parking facilities, signs, drainage of surface water, access points, a plan for screening or buffering, utilities, existing human-made and natural conditions, and all other conditions agreed to by the applicant.
   STREET. A way set aside for vehicular traffic whether designated as a street, highway, thoroughfare, parkway, throughway, road, pike, avenue, boulevard, lane, place, drive, court or otherwise designated.
      (1)   ALLEYS. Minor ways which are used primarily for vehicular service access to the backs or to the sides of properties which otherwise abut on streets.
      (2)   ARTERIAL STREETS AND HIGHWAYS. Those designed or utilized primarily for high vehicular speeds or for heavy volumes of traffic.
      (3)   COLLECTOR STREETS. Those which carry or will carry intermediate volumes of traffic from minor streets to arterial streets.
      (4)   MARGINAL ACCESS STREETS. Minor streets which are parallel to and adjacent to arterial streets and highways and which serve to reduce the number of access points to the arterial streets and thereby increase traffic safety.
      (5)   MINOR STREETS. Those which are used or will be used primarily for access to abutting properties and which carry or will carry limited volumes of traffic.
   SUBDIVIDER. Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, estate or other group or combination acting as a unit dividing or proposing to divide land in a manner that constitutes a subdivision as defined herein. The term SUBDIVIDER shall include any agent of any subdivider.
      (1)   The division of a parcel of land into two or more lots or parcels; for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale, lease or building development, or if a new street is involved, any division of a parcel of land; provided that a division of land for agricultural use and not involving a new street shall not be deemed a SUBDIVISION.
      (2)   The term includes RESUBDIVISION, and when subdivision or to the land subdivided; any division or redivision of land into parcels of less than one acre occurring within 12 months following a division of the same land shall be deemed a SUBDIVISION within the meaning of this section.
(2000 Code, App. A, Art. I)