(A)   Purpose.
      (1)   Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. Once land has been segmented into streets, lots and blocks, and publicly recorded, the correction of defects is costly and difficult. Subdivision of land sooner or later becomes a public responsibility, in that, roads and streets must be maintained and various public services customary to urban areas must be provided. The welfare and tax burden of the entire community is thereby affected in any important respects. It is therefore to the interest of the public, the developer and the future owners that subdivisions be conceived, designed and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper minimum standards.
      (2)   The following subdivisions regulations guiding the Planning and Zoning Commission are designed to provide for the harmonious development of the planning region; to secure a coordinated layout and adequate provision for traffic and also to secure adequate provision for light, air, recreation, transportation, water, drainage, sewer and other sanitary facilities.
   (B)   Authority. These subdivision standards are adopted under the authority granted by the KRS Chapter 100. The City Planning and Zoning Commission, which was established in accordance with the KRS Chapter 100, has fulfilled the requirements set forth in the applicable sections of Kentucky Revised Statutes as prerequisites for the adoption of the regulations.
   (C)   Jurisdiction. These regulations shall govern all subdivision of land within the corporate limits of the city, as now or hereafter established and additionally, the subdivision control jurisdiction of the city subdivision regulations shall apply within the area within a one mile radius of the city limit boundary nearest the appropriate development. Any owner of land within this area who wishes to subdivide the land or a portion thereof shall submit a plat of the proposed subdivision to the City Planning and Zoning Commission according to the requirements set forth in these regulations.
(2000 Code, App. A, Art. I)