General Provisions
   154.001   Title; preamble
   154.002   Construction of language
   154.003   Definitions
   154.004   Scope
   154.005   Permitted uses
   154.006   Permitted area and placement
   154.007   Required street access
   154.008   Lots with frontage on Lake Huron
   154.009   Accessory buildings in residential districts
   154.010   Appearance of industrial buildings
   154.011   Establishing grades
   154.012   Drainage of property and development in flood-prone areas
   154.013   Corner clearance
   154.014   Corner lots
   154.015   Excavation or holes
   154.016   Exterior lighting
   154.017   Fences, walls and other protective barriers
   154.018   Greenbelts, obscuring walls, berms
   154.019   Plant materials
   154.020   Lot and subdivision limitations
   154.021   Lots, yards and open spaces
   154.022   Provisions applicable to nonconforming lots, uses, structures and characteristics
   154.023   Off-street parking
   154.024   Residential entranceway structure
   154.025   Signs
   154.026   Streets, alleys and railroad rights-of-way
   154.027   Swimming pools
   154.028   Boats, RVs and hobby vehicles in the yard
   154.029   Manufactured housing outside of manufactured housing communities
   154.030   Home occupations
   154.031   Regulation of condominium developments
   154.032   Open space preservation development
   154.033   Review and preliminary approval of manufactured housing community plans
   154.034   Manufactured housing community requirements
   154.035   Manufactured homes within manufactured housing communities/operation of communities
   154.036   Community sewer system
Zoning Districts and Map
   154.050   Districts established
   154.051   Boundaries shown on official zoning map
   154.052   District boundaries interpreted
   154.053   District requirements
   154.054   RCC Recreation, Conservation and Cemetery District
   154.055   A/R Agricultural/Residential District
   154.056   R-1A, R-1B and R-1C Single-Family Residential Districts
   154.057   R-2 Two-Family Residential District
   154.058   MHR Manufactured Home Residential District
   154.059   RM Residential Multiple-Family District
   154.060   O Office District
   154.061   GB General Business District
   154.062   I Industrial District
   154.063   District regulations
General Exceptions
   154.075   Access through yards
   154.076   Dwelling in a nonresidential district
   154.077   Essential services
   154.078   Projections into yards
   154.079   Voting place
Special Land Use Approval Requirements
   154.090   Special land use approval requirements
   154.091   Authority to grant permits
   154.092   Application and fee
   154.093   Data, exhibits and information required in application
   154.094   Public hearing and notices
   154.095   Required standards and findings for making determinations
   154.096   Determination and imposition of conditions
   154.097   Approval and appeal procedures
   154.098   Voiding of special approval land use permit
   154.099   High-pressure gas, high-voltage electrical transmission lines
   154.100   Outdoor theaters
   154.101   Motorized vehicle racetracks
   154.102   Horse and dog racetracks
   154.103   Lumber and building material dealers
   154.104   Quarries
   154.105   Junk yards, automobile salvage or wrecking yards, waste or scrap recycling operations and refuse transfer facilities
   154.106   Telephone exchange and static transformer stations, gas regulator stations and other public utility buildings
   154.107   Bed and breakfast establishments
   154.108   Hotels and motels
   154.109   Feedlots and raising of fur-bearing animals
   154.110   Churches
   154.111   Government buildings
   154.112   Golf courses
   154.113   Private recreational areas
   154.114   Large-scale outdoor recreational uses
   154.115   Open-to-the-public public or commercial stables, kennels and veterinary clinics
   154.116   Group day care home
   154.117   Nursery school day nursery and childcare centers
   154.118   Orphanage, foster home, home for the aged, indigent or physically or mentally disabled
   154.119   Boarding and rooming houses
   154.120   Amusement and recreation services
   154.121   Motor vehicle washing
   154.122   Gasoline stations
   154.123   Motor vehicle repair and service facilities
   154.124   New automobile and truck sales and showrooms
   154.125   Used automobile and truck sales
   154.126   Open-air display and sale of recreational vehicles, motorcycles or other motor vehicle sales areas other than trucks, automobiles and home owners’ gardening equipment and the like
   154.127   Drive-in, fast food, drive-through or carry-out restaurants
   154.128   Combat game areas
   154.129   Gun and hunt clubs, shooting and archery ranges
   154.130   Cemeteries
   154.131   Mini-warehouses
   154.132   Wind energy conversion systems
   154.133   Personal use aircraft landing fields
   154.134   Communication towers
   154.135   Short term rental of residential property
   154.136   List of special approval land uses by district
Administration and Enforcement
   154.145   Zoning Administrator
   154.146   Zoning compliance permits
   154.147   Certificate of occupancy
   154.148   Reserved
   154.149   Permit fees
   154.150   Site plan review
   154.151   Requirements for single-family and two-family dwellings and farm buildings and accessory buildings
   154.152   Performance guarantees
   154.153   Tents, temporary mobile home or construction office and portable on-demand storage devices
   154.154   Changes and amendments
   154.155   Interpretation
   154.156   Vested right
Zoning Board of Appeals
   154.170   Creation and membership
   154.171   Meetings
   154.172   Appeal
   154.173   Fees
   154.174   Jurisdiction
   154.175   Orders
   154.176   Notice
   154.177   Lapse of approval
   154.178   Appeal to circuit court
   154.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:  Burtchville Township  Zoning Map
   Appendix B:  Burtchville Township  Zoning Detail