Chap. 701.   Community Antenna Television.
         Chap. 702.   Cost Recovery of Emergency Actions. (Repealed)
         Chap. 703.   Hotel and Motel Tax.
         Chap. 705.   Exhibitor's and Promoter's Tax. (Repealed)
         Chap. 707.   Admissions Tax.
         Chap. 709.   Transient Parking License Fee.
         Chap. 711.   Exhibition Center Parking Tax.
         Chap. 713.   Oil and Gas Wells.
         Chap. 714.   Street Vendors.
         Chap. 715.   Peddlers, Solicitors, and Canvassers.
         Chap. 716.   Vendors.
         Chap. 717.   Itinerant Vendors and Merchants.
         Chap. 718.   Exhibition License.
         Chap. 720.   Medical Marijuana Operations.
         Chap. 721.   Amusement Devices.
         Chap. 722.   Sweepstakes Terminal Cafe.
         Chap. 723.   Billiard Rooms.
         Chap. 725.   Taxicabs.
         Chap. 726.   Bowling Lanes.
         Chap. 727.   Late Night Sales. (Repealed)
         Chap. 729.   Tattoo Operations and Dermagraphic Art Studios.
         Chap. 740.   Hotel Registration.
         Chap. 741.   Snow Removal and Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance Contractors.
         Chap. 745.   Carnivals.
         Chap. 746.   Programs of Entertainment.
         Chap. 747.   Financial Institutions.
         Chap. 748.   Auto Title Lenders.
         Chap. 749.   Posting Current Gasoline Selling Prices.
         Chap. 750.   Unfair Trade Practices.
         Chap. 751.   Real Estate Agents.
         Chap. 753.   Garage Sales.
         Chap. 755.   Donation Boxes.
         Chap. 757.   Purchases of Jewelry, Precious Metals and Stones.
         Chap. 759.   Fair Housing.
         Chap. 761.   Sale of Irradiated Foods.
         Chap. 763.   City Realty.
         Chap. 764.   Adult Entertainment Businesses.
         Chap. 765.   Massage Establishments.
         Chap. 766.   Escort Agencies.
         Chap. 767.   License Appeals Board.