Chap. 1801.   Authority to Levy Tax; Purposes of Tax; Rate.
         Chap. 1802.   Effective Date.
         Chap. 1803.   Definitions.
         Chap. 1804.   Income Subject to Tax for Individuals.
         Chap. 1805.   Collection at Source.
         Chap. 1806.   Income Subject to Net Profit Tax.
         Chap. 1807.   Declaration of Estimated Tax.
         Chap. 1808.   Credit for Tax Paid.
         Chap. 1809.   Annual Return.
         Chap. 1810.   Penalty, Interest, Fees and Charges.
         Chap. 1811.   Audit.
         Chap. 1812.   Rounding.
         Chap. 1813.   Authority and Powers of the Tax Director.
         Chap. 1814.   Confidentiality.
         Chap. 1815.   Fraud.
         Chap. 1816.   Opinion of the Tax Director.
         Chap. 1817.   Assessment; Appeal Based on Presumption of Delivery.
         Chap. 1818.   Board of Tax Review; Appeal to Board of Tax Review.
         Chap. 1819.   Actions to Recover; Statute of Limitations.
         Chap. 1820.   Adoption of Rules.
         Chap. 1821.   Collection of Tax After Termination of Part.
         Chap. 1822.   Savings Clause.
         Chap. 1823.   Violations; Penalty.