§ 13.   [Regulation of motor vehicles and traffic.]
   Insofar as not expressly prohibited by general law, the town is empowered[:]
   (a)   to control and regulate the operation upon its streets and alleys, of motor vehicles carrying passengers or freight for hire, and to require the owners or operators of such carriers to provide and maintain within the town, suitable terminals for the convenient loading and unloading of passengers and freight;
   (b)   to regulate the fares to be charged by operators of taxicabs or other motor vehicles operating from established stands within the town, for carrying passengers within its corporate limits, and to require that the drivers of such vehicles be of such moral character as meets with the approval of the council; and,
   (c)   to prescribe rules and regulations with respect to motor traffic of all kinds, within the town, and the parking of motor vehicles on its streets and alleys.