§ 18.   [Police powers.]
   The town is empowered to exercise all such police powers as the council deems reasonably necessary for the promotion and protection of the health, morals, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the town, for the protection of the property of the town and its inhabitants, for the preservation of peace and good order, and for the general welfare; and the council is empowered to make ordinances and bylaws for the purpose of carrying into effect the enumerated powers conferred upon the town by this Charter, including police powers, and to prescribe punishments for violations thereof, provided that no such punishment shall exceed the maximum punishment prescribed by general law for a misdemeanor, and provided further, that all ordinances, bylaws and resolutions made and adopted by the council shall become effective thirty days after their passage, unless a different date is specified in any such ordinance, bylaws or resolution, upon which the same shall become effective.