35.01   Jurisdiction of Mayor
   35.02   Powers of Mayor in criminal matters
   35.03   Announcement of charge and right of accused
   35.04   Arraignment; counsel; bail
   35.05   Motion for dismissal
   35.06   Discharge on motion to dismiss; amendment of complaint
   35.07   Pleas
   35.08   Action on pleas of guilty and no contest
   35.09   Action on pleas of not guilty or once in jeopardy
   35.10   Arrest
   35.11   Detention and arrest of shoplifters
   35.12   Affidavit filed in case of arrest without warrant
   35.13   Person arrested without a warrant shall be informed of cause of arrest
   35.14   Accusation by affidavit to cause of arrest or prosecution
   35.15   Procedure upon filing of affidavit or complaint
   35.16   Failure of person summoned to appear
   35.17   Forcible entry in making arrest
   35.18   Rights of person arrested
   35.19   Amount and disposition of bail
   35.20   Affidavit forms
   35.21   Contents of warrant, summons or notice
   35.22   Complaint to keep the peace
   35.23   Form of warrant to keep the peace
   35.24   Arraignment under warrant to keep the peace
   35.25   Hearing; discharge, recognizance or commitment
   35.26   Disturbers may be committed without process
   35.27   Clerk of the Mayor’s Court