91.01   Oak Grove Cemetery Endowment Fund
   91.02   New lots endowed; interest expended for perpetual care
   91.03   Rates for grave lot purchases; additional fees and scheduling funerals
   91.04   Interment on holiday
   91.05   Grave lot deeds
   91.06   Vault regulations and cremation urns
   91.07   Specifications for monuments, headstones and footstones
   91.08   Defacing monuments; breaking fences or gates
   91.09   Maintenance of grave lots
   91.10   Driving over grounds
   91.11   Pets prohibited
   91.12   Speed limit established
   91.13   Maintenance of cemetery
   91.14   (Reserved)
   91.15   Destroying or cutting shrubbery
   91.16   Cemetery hours open to public
   91.17   Disinterment permitted; days of week
   91.18   Indigent burials
   91.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Cemeteries, see R.C. Ch. 759