An eligible property may be nominated and designated as a landmark if it satisfies the requirements set forth below.
   A.   A landmark must satisfy all of the following requirements:
      1.   It is at least forty five (45) years of age, or is a property of extraordinary significance;
      2.   It possesses high artistic or aesthetic value, and embodies the distinctive characteristics of an architectural style or architectural type or architectural period;
      3.   It retains substantial integrity from its period of significance; and
      4.   It has continued historic value to the community such that its designation as a landmark is reasonable and necessary to promote and further the purposes of this article.
   B.   In addition to the requirements set forth in subsection A of this section, a landmark must satisfy at least one of the following requirements:
      1.   It is listed on the national register of historic places;
      2.   It is an exceptional work by a master architect;
      3.   It is an exceptional work that was owned and occupied by a person of great importance, and was directly connected to a momentous event in the person's endeavors or the history of the nation. For purposes of this subsection B3, personal events such as birth, death, marriage, social interaction, and the like shall not be deemed to be momentous;
      4.   It is an exceptional property that was owned and occupied by a person of great local prominence;
      5.   It is an iconic property; or
      6.   The landmark designation procedure is initiated, or expressly agreed to, by the owner(s) of the property. (Ord. 15-O-2682, eff. 11-19-2015)