The intent and purpose of this article is to provide the ability to acknowledge, honor, and encourage the continued maintenance and preservation of those select properties in the city that, through exceptional architecture or a direct connection to important historical events, contribute to an understanding and appreciation of the city's history. The standards and requirements in this article are intended to be flexible, taking into account financial feasibility on the part of a property owner to meet the article's provisions. Further, it is the intent and purpose of this article to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare by:
   A.   Protecting the character of the city, and promoting greater awareness and understanding of the city's history, through the preservation and maintenance of the city's historic properties;
   B.   Fostering civic pride and a sense of identity through the recognition of historical and architectural accomplishments of the city and its residents;
   C.   Educating the public about Beverly Hills' cultural, social, and architectural history;
   D.   Strengthening the city's economy by protecting and enhancing the city's attractions to residents, tourists, visitors, and others, thereby serving as a stimulus and support to local business and industry;
   E.   Enhancing property values and making the city's historic properties eligible for financial benefits and incentives;
   F.   Acknowledging the critical role served by owners of the city's historic properties in furthering the goal of historic preservation pursuant to the city's general plan;
   G.   Encouraging preservation and adaptive reuse of historic properties by allowing changes to them to accommodate new functions, and not to "freeze" historic properties in time;
   H.   Identifying financial and other incentives that are intended to encourage owners to designate, maintain, reuse, rehabilitate, and improve historic properties. (Ord. 15-O-2682, eff. 11-19-2015)